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Even with the best of intentions, real estate deals can go wrong. Money can dry up, plans can change, or deals can simply fall through. When bad-faith actors negligently, intentionally break a deal, you need an aggressive legal team to help protect your assets.

Sometimes the only solution to a sour real estate deal is civil litigation. In the U.S., courts handle criminal or civil matters. A criminal court tries someone for a crime, judging them as either guilty or not guilty. In civil court, an injured party sues someone for financial compensation of their injuries. This compensation is referred to as “damages.”

Real estate disputes between individuals rarely rise to the level of criminal acts. Such disagreements can often be diffused with settlements and, if necessary, a civil lawsuit. At Best And Brock, we understand the intricate complexities of real estate law. We can help you decipher contracts and deals, revealing where the unscrupulous people failed to meet their obligations.

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Breach of Real Estate Contracts

Whether you are renting or buying, all real estate deals begin with a contract. By law, each party involved has standards and agreements they must obey. When those rules are not met, you experience a breach of contract. Courts classify a breach of contract in two ways: a material breach or a nonmaterial breach.

A nonmaterial breach is minor and can sometimes be resolved between individuals. For example, you could be told that a certain type of light switch will be installed, only to come home to the wrong model. If everyone is remaining reasonable, you could get your money back, or the other party could pay to have the correct switches installed. Sometimes, however, stubbornness sets in, and the person who broke contract refuses to fix the issue. Our firm can work with you and with them, helping ensure that you get what you expected.

A material breach of contracts affects the very core of a deal. These breaches are so severe, they nullify most of the contract’s original intent. Such breaches are rarely the result of a sincere mistake. Often, they come from willful negligence, and they must be handled in court. Even non-material breaches can be elevated to a material breach if the court believes someone had ill intent. Best And Brock is ready to fight for your rights, whether you are a buyer, seller, landlord, or tenant. Anyone can be affected by a deceitful party, and we have the knowledge to back you up in a contract dispute.

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Commercial Land Disputes

When buying commercial real estate, the purchase itself is only the beginning. Land designated for business use comes with a wealth of rules and regulations attached. Simply making the deal involves a careful attention to detail. Our firm can help overlook your contracts and negotiations, keeping you from making mistakes that can ruin your deal.

Often, business land is not sold. Retail stores, for example, typically rent space within a strip mall. Even these transactions come laced with legal complexities. Disputes can come from either party, the landlord or the tenant, and these disagreements can threaten your very livelihood. You need a solid, knowledgeable law firm during these times, and Best And Brock is up to the challenge.

Rental Disputes

Disputes between landlord and tenant are unpleasant for everyone. The tenant could be evicted, severely disrupting their lives and finances. Landlords may find themselves unable to recover their money, putting themselves in a financial bind while trying to fill their vacant property.

Before these disagreements get out of control, contact our firm. We may be able to untangle the red tape of your contract and settle your dispute. If necessary, we are willing to take the matter to civil litigation, fighting to protect your rights.

Selling and Buying Land Disputes

Anything that disrupts the flow of purchasing property is considered a “dispute.” Often, these problems occur after the contract is signed, making it a legal matter. These disagreements are frustrating. If you are the seller, you want to receive your money and move on to the next phase of your life. As a buyer, encountering disputes could temporarily leave you without shelter.

With our legal knowledge, we can help settle selling disputes and get everyone moving forward. If a lawsuit is unavoidable, we can accommodate those needs as well.

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