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Welcome to Best and Brock’s expansive client resources page, your gateway to a wealth of legal knowledge and information. Here you will find links to our free guides, video library, and blog.  Whether you’re seeking information on navigating Criminal Defense strategies, understanding DUI laws, exploring Personal Injury claims, or delving into Civil Litigation nuances, our resources aim to educate, inform, and empower individuals facing legal challenges in these practice areas.

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Maximizing Your Compensation 7 Mistakes to Avoid in Tennessee Injury Claims

Maximizing Your Compensation: 7 Mistakes to Avoid in Tennessee Injury Claims

Learn the mistakes you should avoid to help your injury claim. Download our free personal injury guide!

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Don’t Let a DUI Ruin Your Life: 7 Mistakes to Steer Clear of in Tennessee

Learn what you should steer clear of to help your DUI case. Download our free DUI guide!

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Don't Let a DUI Ruin Your Life 7 Mistakes to Steer Clear of in Tennessee
Avoid These 7 Costly Mistakes - The Tennessee Arrest Handbook

Avoid These 7 Costly Mistakes: The Tennessee Arrest Handbook

Learn the mistakes you should avoid to help your criminal defense case. Download Our Free Criminal Defense Guide!

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Concerns About Crime in Chattanooga

Chattanoogans are deeply concerned about their safety in the city. For many, it feels like [...]

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Tennessee Weed Laws: A Comprehensive Guide

In a landscape where many states have adopted more lenient marijuana laws, Tennessee remains steadfast [...]

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Sexual Battery

In the realm of criminal law, sexual battery stands as a grave offense with significant [...]

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Understanding Order of Protection Violations in Tennessee

In Tennessee, violating an Order of Protection, commonly known as a restraining order, can have [...]

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Ankle Monitors May Be Required for Some Domestic Assault Arrestees

The Tennessee General Assembly just passed a new bill, HB2692/SB1972, that will impact the bond [...]

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How Will a Misdemeanor DUI Affect Employment?

Driving under the influence (DUI) convictions come with a myriad of consequences, many of which [...]

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What to Expect During Jury Duty

We all enjoyed Amazon’s Jury Duty, which took a look at how a regular citizen [...]

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Why BUI Field Sobriety Testing is Different from SFSTs

Recently, Tennessee lawmakers and law enforcement have been taking an increasingly more severe stance towards [...]

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This section provides easy access to additional research information and links to resources in Tennessee, such as CADAS and the Hamilton County General Sessions Court. Take a look below to learn more.

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Having the help of experienced criminal lawyers in Chattanooga is always helpful, but you can learn more about what to expect in your case using free online resources.

Some helpful resources include:

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