Attorney Zack England Interviewed on “Let’s Chatt”

Since our firm began in 2017, we have continuously been evolving to try and fit the legal needs of our community. As of this year, Best & Brock has been happy to bring Attorney Zack England on board and expand our ability to reach people who need legal help. As a personal injury attorney, Mr. England opens up our firm’s capabilities to another entire area of law. In a recent interview with WDEF’s Let’s Chatt, Mr. England goes into detail about everything that he brings to the table.

Attorney Zack England Interviewed on "Let’s Chatt"Our firm prides itself on being locally operated and focused on our community. As a Chattanooga native, Mr. England has strong ties to our community, and is directly accessible to those he represents. Mr. England always tells his clients to “shop local” and feels that the ability to have a direct connection is an important factor when considering legal representation.

“I want my clients to be able to say, ‘I can look my attorney in the eye’…I want to be accessible on all platforms…I want to be the local presence that’s here to answer questions, to give help, and guide you through the process, start to finish.”

This type of accessibility is important in personal injury cases, and not something offered by larger or out-of-state firms. While answering some of the more frequently asked questions, Mr. England explains that a lot of the answers to the questions you might have, really depend on what your specific case is like. Mr. England goes on to say that there are many different routes that a person can take, when trying to pay associated medical bills or obtaining a new or fixed vehicle, and you need an attorney to help navigate that process.

If you’ve been in an accident and need legal help, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. Mr. England says that “you may not need an attorney, but you certainly need the advice.” “I might not be able to help everybody, but I can at least guide you, and put you in the right process.”

You can find the full video interview here.

You can also view his page here to learn more about his experience and practice, and how to get in touch with him.