How a Criminal Charge will Impact Your Driving Rights in Chattanooga, Tennessee?

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a criminal offense, and it’s the one that can most often affect driving privileges in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Very often, people fail to realize that they may eventually lose their driving privileges altogether as a result of getting a criminal charge. Here are a few of the relevant legal provisions, as well as the potential consequences that DUIs and other criminal charges can have.

Tennessee DUI Legal Provisions

How a Criminal Charge will Impact Your Driving Rights in Chattanooga, Tennessee?The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security has a strict provision as far as DUIs are concerned.

A person who refuses to submit a blood-alcohol sample may face a drivers license revocation for a period of up to one year (for a first-time offender), for up to two years (for a second offense), for two years if a crash has occurred and for five years whenever the collision results in a death.

If convicted, A first-time DUI offender will be ordered to participate in an alcohol and drug treatment program, and they will lose their driving license for one year. Also, a first time DUI offender will have to:

  • Pay restitution to individuals that have experienced physical harm as a result of the DUI
  • Pay a fine in the range from 350 to 1,500 dollars
  • Participate in a drug and alcohol treatment based on the judge’s discretion
  • Have an ignition interlock device installed on the vehicle
  • Minimum of 48 hours in jail

Things will get much more serious for second and third-time offenders who are convicted. Second-time offenders will have their driving license revoked for two years. The fine can range from 600 to 3,500 dollars, and there is a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 45 consecutive days. For third-time offenders, there will be a time in jail, license revocation for six years and a fine ranging from 1,100 to 10,000 dollars and a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 120 consecutive days. A fourth-time offender faces Class E Felony, one year of jail time, license revocation for eight years and a fine in the range from 3,000 to 15,000 dollars.

How Will Criminal Charges Affect Your Driving Privilege in Tennessee?

Criminal charges can have a grave impact on your driving privilege. The seriousness of the offense will obviously be taken into consideration, but a DUI should never be taken lightly. Seeking an experienced legal representative is of paramount importance in such instances.

The first and most noticeable effect is the driver’s license revocation. A revocation is temporary, and it takes away the driving privileges from the individual that committed the DUI. The suspension period depends on the severity of the crime and the number of offenses that a driver has.

In this sense, Tennessee is one of the states that have stricter provisions in place. In other parts of the US, license revocation may occur after a second or even a third offense. Some states have no policy for issuing a license revocation on the basis of a DUI. Rather, such a measure may be introduced based on the behavior of the driver after the offense is committed.

If you’re an out-of-state driver who commits a DUI in Tennessee, the Interstate Driver’s License Compact will apply. This is an agreement signed between states that imply another state’s DUI regulations will be honored, even though the offense took place out of its territory.

Is Driving on a Suspended License in Tennessee Possible?

If your license is suspended to a DUI conviction, you are eligible to receive a restricted license. However, it is up to the Judge whether or not to grant the restricted license.

The Importance of Having a Skilled Legal Representative​

Whether you’ve committed a DUI or you have been found guilty of another violation that revokes your driving privileges, you need the assistance of an experienced legal representative.

When facing such charges, you should definitely get in contact with an experienced DUI lawyer before doing anything else. Requesting easier assistance has become easier than ever. At Matt Brock Law Firm, we offer free of charge legal consultations that will give you a better idea about the severity of the situation and an adequate course of action.

Facing DUI or other criminal charges is incredibly stressful, especially if you are clueless about the legal process. You don’t have to suffer through it alone, nor should you. Going through the stress of a DUI charge is enough. Retaining legal counsel should be the next step for you before it is too late. An experienced DUI attorney could be the difference between moving on with your life and facing a series of tragic consequences. Contact Matt Brock Law Firm today and let a skilled lawyer help you get the results you need. You will immediately get a lot of information about the available options and have someone in your corner fighting for you.