How TN Courts Are Handling Criminal Cases

With all of the uncertainty surrounding our community we wanted to mention a few things:

Best and Brock is open for business and as of right now have staff members in the office during our regular business hours. If you need to speak to an attorney, we are getting messages and returning calls and are happy to do phone consults or video conferences as needed.

How TN Courts Are Handling Criminal CasesCourt dates for all non-custody cases have been suspended as of right now through March 31, 2020 and we suspect that might be extended. We will update you as soon as we are updated.

Court clerks are reassigning court dates on the day of, so our office is trying to keep up with notifying our clients as those dates are set. Please bear with us and if you have a question about your new date or do not get a call, please call or email our office and we will get that information to you.

We are able to visit jail clients as of right now. We’re told Silverdale is working on a video conferencing system which should make that easier in the coming days/weeks. Our lawyers were at Silverdale twice last week, seeing clients that needed immediate assistance. We are dedicated to serving our clients in the same zealous manner we always have during these trying times.

Stay safe out there and please call us if we can be of assistance. We know many of our clients are already dealing with difficult life circumstances and our goal is to do our best to keep the effects of this epidemic as minimal as possible for those facing charges.

For further information on how the Criminal Courts are approaching cases, please click here