Plea Bargains May Help Many Achieve Best Possible Outcome

Within the past twenty years, there have been more than 250 million arrests in the US. Of these individuals, the FBI has a criminal database of over 75 million people, which accounts for one in three people in the US population of adults. Of course, this number may be old by the time you read about it, since up to 12 thousand names are added to that list each day, without even accounting for repeat offender arrests. What all of these people have in common is that they are not likely to return to their former lives or create new and better lives with ease. For this reason, when facing criminal charges, many Tennessee residents need to consider whether plea bargains should play a role in their case.

Why Plea Bargains Are Used for Tennessee Criminal Defense Cases

Plea Bargains May Help Many Achieve Best Possible OutcomeSimply having an arrest record is something that can haunt you forever. You may find it difficult to get employment, housing, and a college degree. You might not even be able to get credit or loans for a home, a business, or a car. This will create strain in your family relationships, could end up leading to divorce or difficulties with custody and visitation with your children. This is why it is so important for you do everything you can to protect your rights and save your future.

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This is where individuals who have been arrested and are facing criminal charges need the experienced advice and representation of a Chattanooga, Tennessee criminal defense attorney like those at Best, Hayduk & Brock. Today, we’ll discuss how plea bargains in Chattanooga, TN can help you to achieve the best possible outcome in your case, though to achieve that outcome and successfully apply these methods in your defense, you will want to have skilled legal representation throughout the process. If you have been arrested, are facing charges, or believe that you are being investigated for a crime, contact Best, Hayduk & Brock, today.

Could Your Best Option When Facing Criminal Charges Be a Plea Bargain?

In some cases, your best bet will be to accept a plea bargain agreement. In such cases, you will know what your sentence will be, prior to accepting the plea bargain. You will also be able to compare this sentence to the sentence that you are likely to get if you go to trial and fight for your innocence. Which option is best for you will depend on the difference in the sentences and whether or not your guilt can be proven in court.

A plea bargain may not be everything you’d like it to be. It may only reduce your sentence enough to make a substantial difference, but if it is the best possible outcome, it may be the way to proceed anyway. In some cases, you might be facing two decades behind bars, but a plea bargain could reduce it to just one decade. A decade is still a long time, of course, so if you truly believe that you cannot be found guilty at trial and that your case is strong, then this might not be your best course of action.

Typically, individuals who are facing criminal charges will benefit from a plea bargain because it gives you a sure outcome, without the potential negative outcome that you may find if you go to trial. The primary issue is that you do have to plead guilty, and this can result in substantial time in jail or prison and/or long periods of probation.

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You will want to evaluate and compare the potential outcomes of different decisions regarding plea bargains with a Chattanooga, Tennessee criminal defense attorney to make the best decision for your case. Call the attorneys at Best, Hayduk & Brock to talk about your best outcome.