What the Heck is Med Pay?

Med Pay, or “Medical Payments”, is coverage within your insurance policy that applies directly to medical expenses and some out-of-pocket expenses incurred due to an accident. Med Pay will cover things like treatment, rehabilitation, funeral costs, and even dental care. These benefits extend to passengers in your vehicle as well.

Do I have Med Pay?

What the Heck is Med Pay?Talk to your insurance agent. Make sure it is an actual person and not a robot! Or check your declarations page (insurance papers).

What if you weren’t in the car that hit you? Or, in other words, what if you’re a pedestrian that is struck by a vehicle?

It is likely that Med Pay coverage from the vehicle owners’ insurance would extend to cover your medical expenses too!

What won’t Med Pay cover?

Med Pay typically will not cover any lost wages incurred as a result of an accident where you had to miss work. But don’t worry, there may be other means of recovery available to you. Honestly, you had “Better Ask Zack!”.

Are there limits?

Yes. Just like liability insurance, you purchase a specific amount of coverage. Common med pay plans range from $1,000.00-$5,000.00, but there are options to purchase more coverage. Talk to your insurance agent in person about what coverage would suit you best.

Is Med Pay the same in Tennessee and Georgia?

No. There are different rules that govern Med Pay with regard to individual states.

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