Deadly New Drug Combinations Discovered by TBI

Agent authorities are worried that there are deadly new drug types that are currently being sold throughout the state, according to the information that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation received from a drug investigation.

Deadly New Drug Combinations Discovered by TBIA news release reported that there were some toxic drug combinations, in the form of samples, which were received by the bureau’s investigation team. The Special Agents that received them said that they’ve rarely, if ever, seen these types of combinations.

Dangerous recreational drug cocktails are hitting the streets in Tennessee.

Methoxyacetylfentanyl, methamphetamine, and acrylfentanyl were found in one of the samples, while another sample contained fentanyl and heroin, cocaine, ketamine, and tramadol.

The TBI’s investigation team’s assistant director, T.J. Jordan, said, “These combinations of drugs do not even make sense, and they are combinations that are lethal.”

“It is the most recent example of why illicit street drugs are not safe. And with combinations of these extremely toxic drugs being mixed with other drugs, it is a cocktail that concerns us. We need to remind the public again that these already dangerous drugs are becoming more and more deadly.”