Lawyers Partner Up and Set Base in Century-Old Building in Southside Chattanooga

“On our own, we’re all good lawyers, but together we are invincible. Joining forces officially seemed the logical step. All we needed was a new home, and we’ve found it”, said Matt Brock, one of the partners at the new law firm, Best and Brock.

Lawyers Partner Up and Set Base in Century-Old Building in Southside ChattanoogaAfter several years of practicing law on his own in his Flatiron Building office downtown, the reputed Chattanooga attorney partnered up with Andrea Hayduk and Garth Best in a new law firm. While looking for a new space for their offices, the three came across the building that had sheltered Mom’s Italian Villa until 2015.

“It just felt right,” Brock said. “When visiting the building, we saw more than the damaged walls and the repairs needed. We saw our offices, and we could actually picture working here every day”. Besides offering the light and space the three attorneys needed, the building is strategically located within walking distance from the Hamilton County Courthouse and on the route of CARTA’s electric shuttle buses.


The acquisition of the building took place last February, and the repair works lasted until this October, but the wait was worth it. “This place inspires us, motivates us to reach our full potential, and allows us to welcome clients the way they deserve. We hope they’ll feel welcome and in good hands, as we really work hard to defend their interests and secure the verdict they need and expect”, said the DUI attorney.

The 3,500 square foot building came to life with the help of a River City Co. team led by Dexter White. The three attorneys asked for a place they could live, work, and play in, and they received it, although it wasn’t easy.

According to Dexter White, the Market Street building was perfect for living and playing but had little to do with work and bringing it up to date with the lawyers’ expectations was a real challenge. “They knew what they wanted, and we didn’t stop until we saw it come to life. We’re glad we managed to live up to their expectations”.


The lawyers even requested a mock courtroom to help them prepare clients for court trials. “When the DUI, criminal and federal cases we handle end up in court, it is very important for the clients to be prepared. Knowing the position of the judge, jury, and prosecution helps them avoid anxiety and focus on their testimony”, Brock explained.

The investment makes sense. Considering that a conviction can change one’s life forever, most people give in to the pressure and lose their calm in court, or miss out on important details while testifying. “We help relieve some of the pressure by staging trials and bringing clients to the stand in our mock courtroom. When they reach the real courtroom, they have a “déjà-vu” feeling that helps them remain calm and confident,” Brock recounted.


Garth Best, Andrea Hayduk, and Matt Brock weren’t the only ones to find the area suitable for traditional office spaces. Several other downtown businesses have turned their attention towards Market Street, and David White and his team have already contracted new work in the region.