Halloween parties can lead to more tricks than treats

Halloween is almost upon us and with it comes a time when many people like to dress up, go to parties, and have a good time. Unfortunately, sometimes people can go a bit overboard and find themselves in difficult situations.

What starts out as well-intentioned good fun can, all too easily, turn into something much more. As a result, individuals may find themselves dealing with serious repercussions to their actions. While many people may wake up the day after Halloween with a headache and a fuzzy memory, there are those who may find themselves in the back of a police car, behind bars, or in a hospital.

Halloween parties can lead to more tricks than treatsHaving a good Halloween starts with making responsible choices. If you are going to be attending a party and driving is required, make sure to have a designated driver. Or, hire a service like Lyft or Uber to take you to or from your destination. Whatever you do, don’t get behind the wheel of a car if you’ve had too much to drink. Not only will you be endangering yourself, but you’ll put others’ lives at risk as well. It is important to remember that Chattanooga Police always step up their patrols around holidays.

Additionally, don’t accept a drink or any other substance from someone who you do not know. In today’s day and time it is not a good idea to accept a drink that you have not seen be poured; unfortunately, this is especially true for women. There have been far too many instances of men using tainted drinks in order to take advantage of unsuspecting victims.

If you are drinking, remain in the building where your event is being held. Do not wander out into the streets or neighborhoods. Once you do this, you are putting yourself at risk for open container violations as well as potential public intoxication charges. Disorderly conduct charges are also more prevalent on Halloween. There is something about putting on a costume that makes people think that they can get away with more than usual.

Finally, if the police are called to the event and you are present when they arrive, cooperate with them. Do not attempt to leave, do not yell, do not confront them, and do not attempt to hide or dispose of anything. Remember, you have the right to remain silent and that is often your best course of action.

If, for some reason, you find yourself dealing with a difficult situation this Halloween season, call Best and Brock. Whether you are facing DUI charges, public intoxication charges, drunk and disorderly conduct charges, or something else, we can help. The team at Best Hayduk and Brock have the experience you need to help you handle any legal circumstances. For more information or tocontact the firm.