Texting and Driving is a Crime in Tennessee

Texting and driving has become more and more of an issue across America. People continue to focus on their phones as much as the road in front of them. As a result, more and more accidents occur and more and more people are injured on roadways – not only other drivers and passengers in cars, but pedestrians, cyclists, runners, and more.

Texting and Driving is a Crime in TennesseeTexting and driving has become such an issue that individual states have begun passing laws against the behavior in an effort to eliminate the issue. Tennessee has enacted laws cracking down on texting and driving. In fact, texting and driving is “a Class C misdemeanor, subject only to imposition of a fine not to exceed fifty dollars ($50.00) and court costs not to exceed ten dollars ($10.00)…”

Texting and driving has been proven to be more dangerous than drunk driving – a staggering truth considering that so many people have cell phones and could be texting or looking at their phone at any time when they are driving. Virtually everyone behind the wheel of a car carries a cell phone with them. This means that each driver on the road at any given time has the potential to choose to focus on their phone over focusing on controlling the several-thousand-pound vehicle that they are supposed to be controlling.

Additionally, texting and driving mimic drunk driving as the behaviors behind the wheel both resemble each other. Both present to police officers as weaving, sudden correction, and erratic driving. It’s entirely possible that you may be pulled over for suspicion of DUI because you are texting while driving.

Even more frightening is the fact that a decision to send a quick text or check a message that you just received may lead to an array of unintended and long term consequences for yourself or someone else. At minimum, you may have to swerve to avoid a collision with a stationary object, another car, or a person. At worst, you may not be able to react in time to avoid these things and end up causing an accident. Furthermore, you may end up unintentionally killing someone and be forced to live with that, as well as the legal ramifications, for the rest of your life.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent yourself from becoming a statistic. The easiest step to take is to exercise self-control and self-discipline and to not use your phone when driving. If you cannot or do not trust yourself, you can utilize updates in your phone that prevent you from being able to text and drive. Whatever you choose, it is critical that you avoid making thoughtless and dangerous decisions.

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